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Nanoxer s.r.l

Nanoxer s.r.l. is a University of Trieste spin-off research company founded in 2008. The original scope was to produce innovative and highly performing aerogel-containing insulation materials, based on the know-how developped at the Department of Chemistry. Despite hard work and succesful industrialisation on a pilot scale of the aerogel synthesis process, durable and cost-effective commercial products could not be attained; consequently this project has been abandoned. Nevertheless, some positive results have been obtained in the development of advanced naval fire-doors in a joint project with Fincantieri S.p.A.

Since 2011, jointly with the Department and industrial partners, we have carried out research in the fields of marine engine pollution abatement and steel-making processes. This latter research, carried out in co-operation, led to development of effective instrumentation capable to perform full composition/real-time off-gas analysis. The instrumentation is now being industrialized. Responsible for the product is dr. Ilan Boscarato.


Ing. Antonio Sfiligoj (CEO), dr. Ilan Boscarato (CTO), prof.dr. Jan Kaspar.


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